Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories

Decorative accents such as towel rings, soap dishes/dispensers, hooks, and shelves

Chemical Products

Solvents, cements, cutting oils, lubricants and more


Faucets for the kitchen and bathroom

Garbage Disposals

Household and commercial-sized disposals

Pipe & Fittings

Various shaped fittings and pipe of all sizes in plastic, steel, and copper

Sinks & Lavatories

Sinks for the kitchen or bathroom in styles ranging from the utilitarian to the decorative


Toilets for home and commercial settings in an assortment of designs and colors


Hand or power tools for cutting, threading, or drilling

Tubs & Showers

Soaking tubs, shower enclosures, or tub and shower units

Pumps/Pressure Valves & Regulators

Pumps, circulators, flow control valves, ball/gate valves, flush valves and regulators

Water Heaters

Water heaters for residential and commercial uses

Whirlpool Baths

Air and whirlpool tubs in a variety of shapes and designs